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Jun 25, 2002
FLIR Systems Awarded $5.7 Million Contract for U.S. Marine Corps
FLIR Systems Awarded $5.7 Million Contract for U.S. Marine CorpsPORTLAND, Ore., Jun 25, 2002 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- FLIR Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:FLIR) announced today that it has been awarded a $5.7 million contract by the Naval Inventory Control Point, Philadelphia, to provide spare Star SAFIRE™ infrared imaging turret assemblies for the U.S. Marine Corps' fleet of UH-1N "Huey" helicopters.

This is the latest award in connection with the upgrade of the Marine Corps' SAFIRE™ thermal imaging systems to FLIR's new Star SAFIRE system, which employs advanced staring focal plane array technology for improved detection, resolution and overall performance. Deliveries are expected to be completed by December 31, 2002.

"The U.S. Marine Corps is one of our most important customers. We are proud to supply the latest infrared imaging technology to help the men and women of the Corps perform their missions more effectively and safely," said Earl Lewis, president and CEO of FLIR Systems.

About FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems designs, manufactures and markets infrared imaging systems worldwide for a variety of applications. FLIR's imaging products are used in such diverse applications as public safety, defense, navigation, electronic news gathering and search and rescue. Thermography products support such applications as condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, medical science, research and development, and manufacturing process control. For more information, please visit their Web site at

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