William W. Crouch

General, United States Army - Retired

GENERAL WILLIAM W. CROUCH (UNITED STATES ARMY—RETIRED). General Crouch has served as a director of the Company since May 2005. General Crouch retired from the United States Army in 1999 following a 36-year career during which he served in numerous roles including Commanding General—Eighth Army and Chief of Staff, United Nations Command and United States Forces Korea; Commander in Chief, United States Army, Europe; Commanding General, NATO Implementation (later Stabilization) Force, Bosnia/Herzegovina; and the United States Army’s 27th Vice Chief of Staff. Until 2010, he served as one of five generals who oversaw the Army’s Battle Command Training Program. In October 2000, General Crouch was named co-chair of the USS COLE Commission, which was formed to examine the terrorist attack on the USS COLE. He has served as a Distinguished Senior Fellow with the Center for Civil Military Operations at the United States Naval Post Graduate School, and serves on the Board of the Keck Institute for International and Strategic Studies at Claremont McKenna College. He received a B.A. in Civil Government from Claremont McKenna College, and a M.A. in History from Texas Christian University. He holds an Advanced Professional Director Certification from the American College of Corporate Directors, a public company director education and credentialing organization. General Crouch’s career as an Army officer and continuing interest in the United States military afford the Company significant insight into the Company’s important military customers in terms of strategic and tactical doctrines and how the Company’s products should be developed and adapted to facilitate the implementation of these doctrines. General Crouch also possesses an understanding of the political and military realities in certain global regions in which the Company’s products are employed. In addition, General Crouch’s experience in senior leadership roles in large Army commands enables him to offer guidance on the leadership of complex organizations such as the Company.